Wednesday, May 28, 2014


One of my other hobbies is cross-stitch. About a year ago I posted a cross stitch framed piece that I had done for my sister similar to this, but with a leprechaun on it for the month of March. As I really like these 5 x 5 framed stitched pieces, I decided to make one for myself for each month of the year. I will display a new one each month in a perfect little place on my counter in my new kitchen.

The patterns are designed by Lizzie Kate. I really like each and every one of the 12 patterns for the months of the year. This particular series uses 3 little tiny buttons on each pattern each month. Notice, the 3 little buttons for this month are used as the openings on the front of the birdhouse.  I will share with you, the new one that I make each month until all twelve months are done. I'm finishing up the one for the month of June which needs to be done very soon......  :)


Paula said...

Very pretty! I like the idea of one for each month and they are a perfect size to display. Great thinking girlie!

Brenda Powers said...

I think you missed a stitch...ha ha just kiddin'. I love this set. Can't wait to see the June one. Although it's gorgeous, I know for a fact that it is even nicer in reality. The colors are brighter than you can get to show on the computer.