Sunday, January 25, 2015


Old man winter left us with 6-8" of snow yesterday.  Lucy and Lily made a snowman in their yard, then came over to my house and we all worked on "Fred", my first snowman of the season! He sits in the front yard looking towards the house. Each time I look out the window, Fred is smiling back at me.

There was enough snow to make a snowman, but 6-8" of snow isn't very much for New England.  However..... they are predicting a major snow storm starting tomorrow and going right through the following day. The forecast today is showing a prediction of 28 - 30" of snow for our area. Now THAT will be enough to make "Fred the snowman" an entire family of friends!! 


Paula said...

Very cute! Definitely make Fred a family, he looks lonely. Stay safe and warm! said...

Hi Fred......sounds like tomorrow you may be enlarging your your happy face. Xoxoxo.

Chrisboldo said...

Adorable snowman! But I'll l keep the rain here o er your snow there, lol


Loz said...

Fred is soooo Cute Clara. I wish we had snow here..

JD/ Jill said...

Fred looks so cute! Thanks for sharing the photo!